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Damtec Estra Sample Damtec Estra

floating floors reduce sound transmission and impact sound by the design of the sub floor itself

Product information

Recycled rubber for sound absorption in sand/cement floors

Damtec Estra Sample 2Damtec® Estra is the ideal insulating and vibration-separating padding underneath floating screed floors and also provides significant reduction of footfall sound within the room. Unlike other systems, floating floors reduce sound transmission and impact sound by the design of the sub floor itself. Damtec® Estra is ideal in floating screed systems, providing extremely high resistance to compressive loads and outstanding elasticity. It is equally well suited for applications in residential, office and commercial buildings. Damtec® Estra is particularly quick and easy to install, can be loose laid and provides a wide range of benefits in screed floor construction including long service life and superb strength.

Outstanding properties for outstanding floors

Damtec Estra Under Screed FlooringDamtec® Estra has everything you need for long life and reliability in insulating and isolating vibration for floating screed floors. Its excellent resiliency and static bearing performance are complemented by its superior long-term compressive stability. In addition, Damtec® Estra has outstanding resistance to rot degradation. Damtec® Estra, like the rubber granulates used to make it, is 100% recyclable.

Standard Roll Sizes:

  • 10 L/M’s x 1.25M wide

1) Damtec® Estra Technical Data sheet:

  • Material: rubber granules black and multi colour, bounded with PU elastomer
  • Surface: granular texturing
  • Density: ca. 820kg/m3
  • Surface weight: 6mm = ca. 4.8kg/m2; 8mm = ca. 6.4kg/m2
  • Thickness: 6/8mm +/- 0.3mm
  • Width: 1,250mm +/- 1.5%
  • Colour: schwarz/bunt
  • Tensile strength: ca. 0,4N/mm2 (DIN 53571)
  • Elongation at break: ca. 50% (DIN 53571)
  • Heat transmission coefficient: 6mm = 0,05m2 K/W (DIN 52612)
  • Service temperature range: -30°C to 80°C
  • Deformation under traffic load: 10% at approx. 15t/m2 (according DIN EN ISO 3386-2)
  • Dynamic rigidity: 6mm = ca. 61.8MN/m3; 8mm = ca. 54.2MN/m3 (according to DIN 52214)
  • Impact sound improvement index ΔLw: 6mm = 27dB; 8mm = 28dB (according to DIN EN ISO 140-8)
  • Flammability rating: B2 (DIN 4102 Part 1: 1998-05)

2) Installation Manual:

Damtec’s® range of acoustic underlay’s have been specifically designed to allow for easy installation allowing for minimal down time.

Download the Installation Manual.

3) Safety Data Sheets:

Download the Safety Data Sheets.